How to Reset Hoshizaki Ice Machine

Are you looking for a way to reset your Hoshizaki ice machine? Well, fret not because this guide is here to help! Ice machines are an essential part of many businesses and having one that works properly is important. That’s why it may be necessary occasionally to reset the unit. Knowing how to do so correctly can save you time and trouble in the long run – and if you don’t know how, then keep reading as we explain exactly what needs to be done!

How to Reset Hoshizaki Ice Machine

Having a commercial ice machine in your business can save time, effort, and money. However, knowing how to maintain it properly is essential for making sure that you get the most out of it. One task you may need to do from time to time is reset your Hoshizaki Ice Machine when something goes wrong with it. In order to help ensure success in setting up or resetting your machine correctly, this blog post will provide detailed information on how to reset hoshizaki ice machine quickly and safely. Read on for expert tips and advice!

Benefits of a Hoshizaki Ice Machine

There are many benefits of using a Hoshizaki ice machine, including:

1. Easy to Use

One of the biggest benefits of a Hoshizaki ice machine is that it is incredibly easy to use. All you need to do is fill the water tank, plug in the machine, and press a few buttons to start churning out high-quality ice cubes quickly and easily.

2. Convenient

Another major benefit of using a Hoshizaki ice machine is that it is incredibly convenient. Unlike traditional ice makers that require you to refill the water tank regularly or manually dump and scrape the ice, a Hoshizaki ice machine automatically senses when the tank is low on water and refills it for you. This allows you to spend less time maintaining your machine and more time enjoying the convenience and functionality of high-quality ice cubes.

3. High-Quality Ice

One of the most important benefits of using a Hoshizaki ice machine is that you get high-quality, crystal-clear ice cubes every time. Unlike other types of ice makers that can produce dirty, cloudy, or even unevenly shaped ice cubes, a Hoshizaki ice machine consistently produces clean and consistent ice cubes that are perfect for cooling down your drinks, chilling food, or adding to cocktails and other recipes.

Crystal-clear Ice Cubes Every Time

If you’re looking for an easy, convenient, and reliable way to get high-quality ice cubes in your home or business, then a Hoshizaki ice machine is a perfect choice. Whether you’re looking for a simple ice maker for your kitchen or a larger machine that can produce ice for your entire business, a Hoshizaki ice machine has everything you need to stay cool and refreshed all year round. So why wait? Start enjoying the benefits of a Hoshizaki ice machine today!

How to Reset Hoshizaki Ice Machine in 6 Easy Steps

Step 1: Unplug the Ice Machine

The very first step to resetting your Hoshizaki ice machine is to unplug it from its power source. This will ensure that no accidental damage occurs while you’re working on the machine. So you have to make sure that you unplug the ice machine from its power source.

Step 2: Remove Any Obstructions in Front of the Ice Machine

Next, it’s important to remove any objects that may be blocking access to your Hoshizaki ice machine. This will allow you easy access to all the parts of the machine and prevent any problems with your reset process.

It's Important to Remove Any Objects

Step 3: Open the Front Door of Your Hoshizaki Ice Machine

Once you’ve addressed any obstructions in front of your ice machine, you can open the front door to gain access to the internal components. This will allow you to see all of the parts that are involved in the reset procedure and help you get started with your reset process.

Step 4: Locate and Press the Reset Button

Next, you’ll need to find the reset button on your Hoshizaki ice machine. This is a small red or green button located somewhere near the internal components of the machine. Pressing this button will initiate the reset process, so be sure to carefully follow the instructions in your ice machine manual or on the manufacturer’s website for precise instructions.

Step 5: Close the Door and Plug in the Ice Machine:

Once you’ve successfully reset your Hoshizaki ice machine, you can close its front door and reconnect it to its power source. This will allow you to start using your machine again, so you can enjoy fresh and delicious ice whenever you need it.

Reconnect It to Its Power Source

Step 6: Monitor the Ice Machine as It Resets

Finally, it’s important to keep an eye on your Hoshizaki ice machine as it resets. This will help you ensure that all parts of the reset process have been completed successfully, so you can start enjoying your ice machine again right away. If you have any questions or concerns about the reset process, be sure to contact the manufacturer for further assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Reset a Hoshizaki Ice Machine on My Own, or Do I Need to Hire a Professional?

Resetting a Hoshizaki ice machine is fairly simple and can typically be done without the assistance of a professional. Before you begin, make sure that your ice machine is turned off and that there’s no water left in the reservoir.

What Precautions Should I Take When Resetting My Hoshizaki Ice Machine?

To reset a Hoshizaki ice machine, you should first make sure that the machine is turned off and that there is no water remaining in the reservoir. Before you begin, it’s also important to take some basic safety precautions, such as wearing protective gear like safety goggles and gloves, and ensuring that there is adequate ventilation in the area where you’re working.

Should I Unplug My Hoshizaki Ice Machine Before Resetting It?

No, you do not need to unplug your Hoshizaki ice machine before resetting it. While some models may require that the unit be turned off or unplugged in order to initiate a reset, this generally only applies to older and more basic models. If your Hoshizaki ice machine has a digital display and is relatively new, you should be able to simply follow the instructions in your owner’s manual to start the reset process.

 Unplugged in Order to Initiate a Reset

How Much Time Will It Take for My Hoshizaki Ice Machine to Reset?

The amount of time it will take for your Hoshizaki ice machine to reset depends on the type and model of the machine, as well as how many times you’ve had to use the reset function in the past. In most cases, a simple reset should not take more than a few minutes, but it’s important to be patient and follow all instructions carefully to ensure that the process is completed successfully.


Hoshizaki ice machines are great for business or personal use. If you have one, it’s important to know how to reset hoshizaki ice machine in case of any issues. By following the steps above, you should be able to easily reset your Hoshizaki ice machine and get it up and running again in no time. Thanks for reading

Hoshizaki ice machines are very popular in the food service industry. If you have one of these machines, it is important to know how to properly reset it. The process is actually quite simple and only takes a few minutes. With this knowledge, you can keep your machine running smoothly and avoid any issues in the future.

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